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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

Open Threads for Holy Week

I expect most people who are actively interested and involved in liturgy are up to their necks (or higher!) in planning for the annual liturgy team endurance event commonly known as Holy Week, where most Episcopal churches pack 4 or more completely different liturgies into a single week. So here you go, some nice fresh [...]

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Easter Vigil Open Thread

Here’s an open thread to discuss any and all thing related to planning for Easter Vigil this year.

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Pondering a Good Friday Wake

I’m thinking this week about the one Holy Week liturgy I’m involved in planning this year, a Good Friday wake. The basic concept is a wake for Jesus–to provide a space and a time to sit with friends and grieve his death, and to remember the things he did in his life with us on [...]

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The law of movement is the law of belief?

An interesting article from the Boston Globe describes some recent research in cognitive science and neuroscience that is providing a new understanding of the relationship between our minds and our bodies. There is growing evidence that the way we move our bodies can affect the ways we solve problems, learn, access memories, and can even [...]

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A church for all people?

“The Episcopal Church Welcomes You,” proclaim signs, websites, banners and bumper stickers. In trying to live out our understanding of the Gospel, we want to include everyone, to exclude no one. But can it be done? Marketers know a thing or two about inclusion and exclusion. Many make their living by engineering one or the [...]

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Theory and Practice

‘In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.’ -Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut” (Via 37signals.)

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How to make a labyrinth

Over at Soupablog, Paul Soupiset has a wonderful series of posts documenting the process of constructing an outdoor labyrinth. Looks like a fun project, if you’ve got the space!

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Good Friday Open Thread

What’s good about your plans for Good Friday? What’s not so good (yet)?

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Maundy Thursday Open Thread

Here’s where to discuss all things Maundy, whether you do it on a Thursday or some other day of the week.

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Palm / Passion Sunday Open Thread

Here’s an open place for discussing Palm Sunday. A few possible starter questions: What are you planning? What are your challenges? How do you handle the transition from the Liturgy of the Palms to the Liturgy of the Passion?

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