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Easter Vigil Open Thread

Here’s an open thread to discuss any and all thing related to planning for Easter Vigil this year.

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  1. Pamela Smith | February 28, 2008 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Saint David’s, Bean Blossom [] begins its Great Vigil with an Exultet sung by Deborah Hutchison. Our song at the procession to the font for renewal of baptismal vows is “There are Angels Hovering Round” from Music for Liturgy, published by Saint Gregory of Nyssa [] in San Francisco – we also use one of their Alleluias at the procession to the altar.

    We believe have found the best-ever hymn to close the Great Vigil of Easter, in the ELCA Lutheran hymnal supplement _With One Voice_ the hymn begins “Alleluia! Jesus is risen!” – it’s #674. If you are familiar with the Hymnal 1982 hymn “Earth, Wind and Stars” #412, this hymn uses the same wonderful David Johnson tune but with Easter words – Herbert Brokering is the author of both texts.

    We are coming to think of the Great Vigil as a story-centered liturgy and we let our storytellers loose on the readings in ways that wouldn’t necessarily sit well in a primary Sunday Eucharist. I get to tell the first creation story again this year, so I am happy as a clam at high tide.

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