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Holy Week 2010 Remainders

  • I’m hoping to get some Holy Week pictures of my own up some time, but in the mean time, I love this series of photos from the Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” series, this one with images of Holy Week from around the world.
  • We held a Good Friday Wake again this year; I may still write some reflections on it, but our friend and diocesan Canon Charles LaFond, has already shared a description of the evening and his experience of it over on his blog, The View from Blackwater Bluff.
  • We baptized our daughter at the Vigil, which added a whole extra level of craziness to the weekend, but in the best possible way. Many people in the church, who had never seen her in any state other than cheerful smiles or peacefully asleep, were surprised to find that she can holler with the best of them, given sufficient cause.

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