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About Me


My name is Phil Hassett. I am a layperson in the Episcopal Church with a great interest in liturgy and liturgical design. My main experience as a liturgist to date has been in the founding years of the Episcopal Church of the Advocate, in Carrboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but I was interested in liturgy and ritual long before that.  I learned to love liturgy as a child in the post Vatican II Roman Catholic Church, and have been happy to find a theological and liturgical home as an adult in the Episcopal Church.

I have an M.A. in Religious Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, where I worked on ritual and music in contemporary South Indian Hinduism, using an ethnographic approach, and my approach and perspective on liturgy is strongly shaped by my skills and experience in ethnography and ritual theory.

I am also an experienced percussionist and drummer, and I am interested in ways that these instruments can be used to enhance  and expand our  traditions of liturgical music.

I currently live on the campus of the Episcopal Divinity School, where my spouse is completing an M.Div. By day, I work in program monitoring and evaluation for an international development NGO. By night, I help wrangle our 2 year old. In the time left over, I dream of the days when I will have the time and place to work more actively in liturgy again.

Thanks for taking the time to look over this little niche on the web; it’s very much a work in progress.  At present, I’m enjoying the space to work out some of  my own thinking about liturgy and how to do it well; I hope in time it will grow to let others do the same.