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She did Public Work

A tremendous piece of public work began on this bus. Three seats up from the back door, on the right, near the window. December 1st, 1955. A woman sat down. She was a seamstress, the elected secretary in the local NAACP, and recently returned from a course in Race Relations at the Highlander Folk School [...]

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New Beginnings

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and marks the beginning of a new church year; as such, it seems a good time to reawaken this blog after a long season of change. Miranda finished her seminary degree and is now finished with school for the foreseeable future (hooray!), and was ordained to the Holy [...]


Coming Soon!

Blogging has been light (that is to say, nonexistant) since Easter, but should pick up again soon–some big changes coming for us. M has finished up her M.Div. and graduated, and was deep in her job search. I’m happy to say that she has accepted a position at a church in the Diocese of New [...]

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Destroying Symbols with Words

Over at his site Liturgy: Worship and Spirituality, Bosco Peters discusses some of the problems with trying to explain symbols, what he refers to as the “the heresy of explanation“: “Rather than allowing symbols, gestures, and environment to communicate for themselves, many want to explain every symbol to within an inch of its life. The [...]

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Open Thread: Holy Week 2008 Highlights

Okay, now that we’ve had a few days to recover, but while memory is still somewhat fresh, how was Holy Week for you? What was great? What are you thinking about? Share in the comments!

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A Wake for Jesus

We had our wake on Friday (see earlier posts here and here for more background). It was attended by a small handful of folks, most of whom came later in the evening. We ended up hosting it in our living room once again, as the other available spaces seemed too big, and having it at [...]

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Christ is risen From the dead!

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life! Alleluia, Alleluia! Happy Easter to all! Regular posting will resume Sunday evening.

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Hungering for living bread

We went to a Maundy thursday dinner and liturgy at a church where M. did a field study, and where she still occasionally preaches and tells Godly Play stories. There was a simple dinner at six, and then the liturgy at seven, starting in the fellowship hall with readings followed by foot washing, and then [...]

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Maundy Thursday in 4th c. Jerusalem

Continuing with Egeria’s description of of Holy week in Jerusalem, c. 380.

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From salvation to transformation

As (Western) Christians head into Pascha next week, our Jewish brothers and sisters will be celebrating Purim, and the Velveteen Rabbi shares a lovely reflection on Purim, Pesach, and the cycles of the Jewish Festival year. I really liked this bit at the end: “We begin our festival year by relying on God to save [...]

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