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Miranda’s easy paper dove

For those who may be looking ahead, past Lent and Easter to Pentecost. Last year, each of my Sunday school classes made objects related to major symbols for the Holy Spirit – water, wind, fire, doves – and waved them energetically as I talked about each symbol in my sermon. We need to brainstorm a [...]

On the manner of Eucharistic sharing

Note: I actually wrote this way back in May and somehow never got around to posting it… but I keep pondering the question, & would love thoughts from others. Experiencing the Eucharist in some settings outside my home parish recently has caused me to ponder ways to get the bread and cup to everyone. I’m [...]

Emergent Episcopal worship in Boston

Recently, while in Boston for the Music that Makes Community conference (see my post about that wonderful experience here on my church blog), I took the opportunity to attend the Crossing – an emergent community based at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and led by the Rev. Stephanie Spellers and an able team of lay associates. This [...]

Getting our feet wet: Ideas for Maundy Thursday?

I’m working on this year’s Maundy Thursday order of service – combining existing customs here with some elements of a particularly effective Maundy service I attended a couple of years ago. I’m grappling with one significant logistical question: how to arrange the footwashing. My basic parameters: It has to include as many people as possible, [...]

Talitha cumi

One of my favorite things about the nave at my church is the “Talitha Cumi” window. Mark’s story of Jesus’ raising a twelve-year-old girl from death is one of my favorite Gospel stories. And this is a wonderful image, presented in deep, rich colors: Jesus stands over the little girl, holding her hand, while her [...]

When nobody shows

If you hold a liturgy and nobody comes, is it a failure? My parish has held a Christmas morning service for years. Sometimes one person came; sometimes nobody. This year, as the new Assistant on staff, I offered to take charge of Christmas Day and do something different: a 4pm festal Evening Prayer service, followed [...]

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