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Liturgy for church committee meetings

If liturgy is public work, and vestry and committee meetings are where some of the work of the church gets done, then why do we run our church meetings using more of the rituals of commerce and government than rituals of the church? Charles Olsen of the Alban Institute offers some suggestions for Ways to [...]

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Everybody Knows

Terry Martin has been attending the Great Emergence Conference down in Memphis, posted an moderately interesting rant yesterday. I’m not sure about the exact context, although I have some guesses. His first two points I largely agree with–although I would also add that I think there are reasons beyond aesthetic that projection screens are not [...]

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Destroying Symbols with Words

Over at his site Liturgy: Worship and Spirituality, Bosco Peters discusses some of the problems with trying to explain symbols, what he refers to as the “the heresy of explanation“: “Rather than allowing symbols, gestures, and environment to communicate for themselves, many want to explain every symbol to within an inch of its life. The [...]

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Open Threads for Holy Week

I expect most people who are actively interested and involved in liturgy are up to their necks (or higher!) in planning for the annual liturgy team endurance event commonly known as Holy Week, where most Episcopal churches pack 4 or more completely different liturgies into a single week. So here you go, some nice fresh [...]

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Theory and Practice

‘In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.’ -Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut” (Via 37signals.)

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