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Liturgy for church committee meetings

If liturgy is public work, and vestry and committee meetings are where some of the work of the church gets done, then why do we run our church meetings using more of the rituals of commerce and government than rituals of the church? Charles Olsen of the Alban Institute offers some suggestions for Ways to [...]

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Talitha cumi

One of my favorite things about the nave at my church is the “Talitha Cumi” window. Mark’s story of Jesus’ raising a twelve-year-old girl from death is one of my favorite Gospel stories. And this is a wonderful image, presented in deep, rich colors: Jesus stands over the little girl, holding her hand, while her [...]

A Wake for Jesus

We had our wake on Friday (see earlier posts here and here for more background). It was attended by a small handful of folks, most of whom came later in the evening. We ended up hosting it in our living room once again, as the other available spaces seemed too big, and having it at [...]

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Liturgy for forgiving

I don’t mean liturgy for repenting and being forgiven. There’s lots of that. I mean liturgy for practicing forgiveness. Why does collective repentance figure so strongly in liturgical tradition, but collective forgiveness does not? That is, the liturgy regularly calls us to reflect on, and repent of, our sins. But when are we called liturgically [...]

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Public Work

For several decades, the etymological translation of liturgy most widely used was “the work of the people.” In fact, this translation is still in use in my home church in North Carolina. I’m sure it is no simple coincidence that this translation has accompanied a movement of liturgical renewal that began to gain momentum in [...]

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