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Open Thread: Holy Week 2008 Highlights

Okay, now that we’ve had a few days to recover, but while memory is still somewhat fresh, how was Holy Week for you? What was great? What are you thinking about? Share in the comments!

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A Wake for Jesus

We had our wake on Friday (see earlier posts here and here for more background). It was attended by a small handful of folks, most of whom came later in the evening. We ended up hosting it in our living room once again, as the other available spaces seemed too big, and having it at [...]

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Maundy Thursday in 4th c. Jerusalem

Continuing with Egeria’s description of of Holy week in Jerusalem, c. 380.

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Palm Sunday in 4th c. Jerusalem

Now that Holy Week is here, I was going to have only very light blogging, as this is pretty much the busiest week of the year for this blog’s target audience. Then I remembered that I’ve been meaning for a while to take a close look at Egeria’s description of Holy Week Liturgies in Jerusalem, [...]

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Palm Procession Logistics

As we enter into the final approach to Holy Week, a few thoughts on procession management. It’s a little tricky to give general tips for many of the kinds of processions we see in the coming weeks, because the spaces and groups that are involved can vary so widely. (In other words, your milage may [...]

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Further thoughts on a Good Friday Wake

(If you haven’t read it before, you might want to start by reading my previous post on a Good Friday Wake, to get an idea of what I’m talking about in this post.) All liturgy is local. It happens in a particular place, a particular context, and with a particular set of people. It is [...]

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Weaving Palms

Here’s some fairly well done instructions on some of the basic forms of palm weaving, written by Sister Cecilia Schmidtt, who literally wrote the book on the art of palm weaving. (Unfortaunately, it appears to be out of print)

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Open Threads for Holy Week

I expect most people who are actively interested and involved in liturgy are up to their necks (or higher!) in planning for the annual liturgy team endurance event commonly known as Holy Week, where most Episcopal churches pack 4 or more completely different liturgies into a single week. So here you go, some nice fresh [...]

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Easter Vigil Open Thread

Here’s an open thread to discuss any and all thing related to planning for Easter Vigil this year.

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Pondering a Good Friday Wake

I’m thinking this week about the one Holy Week liturgy I’m involved in planning this year, a Good Friday wake. The basic concept is a wake for Jesus–to provide a space and a time to sit with friends and grieve his death, and to remember the things he did in his life with us on [...]

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