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Weaving Palms

Here’s some fairly well done instructions on some of the basic forms of palm weaving, written by Sister Cecilia Schmidtt, who literally wrote the book on the art of palm weaving. (Unfortaunately, it appears to be out of print)

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Palm / Passion Sunday Open Thread

Here’s an open place for discussing Palm Sunday. A few possible starter questions: What are you planning? What are your challenges? How do you handle the transition from the Liturgy of the Palms to the Liturgy of the Passion?

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Washing Ashes

My Ash Wednesday was taken over by an afternoon migraine, and the rest of the clan has been recovering from the flu, so we did not make it to an Ash Wednesday service. Which is too bad, because I generally like the Ash Wednesday liturgy–in my experience, it is one that may be enhanced, but [...]

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